Post Registration Work Experience:

1. Independent Practitioner Occupational Therapist

(November 2004 – present day)

Private Occupational Therapy Service offering bespoke assessments and treatments

Associate OT for “Julie Jennings & Associates”, a personal injury claims assessment service.

Member of Independence Works OT Panel offering a Case Management service.

2. Locum Clinical Specialist

(August 2005 – November 2005)

Booth Hall Children’s Hospital, Manchester

3. Senior I Grade Occupational Therapist,  St James’s University Hospital, Leeds 

(June 1990 – October 2004)

Hand Therapy, Orthopaedic and Plastic Surgery

4. Senior II Grade Occupational Therapist, Seacroft Hospital, Leeds 

(June 1987 -June 1990)      

Medicine, Surgery and Rheumatology

5. Senior II Grade Occupational Therapist, St James’s University Hospital, Leeds      

(October 1984 – June 1987)

Hand Injuries and General Medicine

6. Basic Grade Occupational Therapist Rotation, St James’s University Hospital, Leeds 

(September 1982 – October 1984)

Paediatrics                Orthopaedics

Psychiatry                Care of the Elderly

Hand Injuries           General Medicine

Teaching Experience:

Lectures presented at the following group meetings:

  • Occupational Therapy (MSc) Splinting Workshop at Leeds Metropolitan University (December 2013)
  • OTIP study day “Look before you Leap” presentation: “My journey from NHS to private practice” (October 2008)
  • “OT in Private Practice” at OT Training School, Huddersfield University (March 2008, March 2009 & January 2010)
  • “Janet Stowe & Co” Study days (Feb 2006, Nov 2007),  “Julie Jennings & Associates” Study days (June 2009 & February 2010)
  • Scar Management Lecture to Nursing staff, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists (June 2004, September 2004 & October 2005)
  • “Rehabilitation following Work-Related Trauma”, presentation to Society of Occupational Health Physicians (February 2004)
  • British Association of Hand Therapists Course Level I at St James’s Hospital ,Leeds (November 2000 and November 2002)

Relevant Experience as an Occupational Therapist in Independent Practice

(November 2004 to present)

1. Rehabilitation Specialist Consultancy Work:

I carry out functional assessments following injuries for Rehabilitation Companies and make recommendations for future rehabilitation, equipment and employment. I am able to provide a course of Occupational Therapy treatment at the client’s home, if required. I also carry out work capacity evaluations (see below).

I currently receive referrals from Insurance Companies, and Solicitors, in addition to the following organizations:

  • Access Independent
  • AIG Medical Rehabilitation
  • ATOS Healthcare
  • Broadspire
  • Connect Housing
  • Corpore
  • Enable Therapy Services Ltd
  • HACM
  • HCML
  • Independence Works Panel of Occupational Therapists carrying out Case Management work
  • Medicess
  • Medirep
  • Occupational Rehabilitation Ltd
  • Proclaim CARE
  • Rehabilitation Network Limited

2. Vocational Rehabilitation and Work Place Assessment:

I visit clients at their workplace following accidents, injuries or illness, in order to assess functional capacity, make recommendations and offer advice to both employer and employee. I have extensive experience in carrying out Workplace Assessments predominantly for people with musculoskeletal problems, including back pain and work-related injuries. I carry out Ergonomic Assessments of workstations and offer advice on postural techniques and suitable seating. I also suggest adaptations and equipment, such as alternative keyboards etc. If a client is absent from work, I am able to plan a graded return-to-work programme, negotiating with the employer and the employee.

3. Clinical:

My area of expertise is treatment of the Upper Limb. My skills include the manufacture of Thermoplastic Splints. Splinting can be provided for different reasons, including joint protection, stretching or preventing contractures, conservative management, following surgical intervention, supporting weakened joints, resting swollen or arthritic limbs, following sports injuries and for improving function.

My other clinical specialty is Scar Management using a variety of treatment modalities including massage, Silicone Gel products and desensitization techniques for hypersensitive scars.

I have also had extensive experience treating Arthritis, including offering joint protection advice and splinting.

I carry out detailed Hand Assessments for Orthopaedic and Plastic Surgery patients including assessment of range of movement, grip strength, sensation and function. I provide Hand Therapy. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide electrical treatments, such as ultrasound.

I offer Functional Capacity Evaluations following accidents or injuries.

In addition, I have general Occupational Therapy experience, and can carry out Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Assessments, Functional Assessments and Home Visits.

The Treatments that I offer would benefit patients referred by Plastic Surgeons, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Rheumatologists, Neurologists, PCTs, Elderly Medicine, Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation Companies, Insurance Companies and Solicitors.

I currently run a weekly clinic at the Spire Hospital (formerly Bupa Hospital) in Leeds, where I manufacture Splints, provide Scar Management and offer Joint Protection Advice for arthritic conditions. I also treat patients at the Spire Hospital in Elland.

I provide a Splinting Service at a weekly Plastic Surgery Clinic at the Nuffield Hospital in Leeds.

4. Medico-Legal Work:

I am a Consultant Occupational Therapist for “Julie Jennings & Associates”, which provides a Personal Injury Claims Assessment Service on behalf of either claimant or defendant. The assessments include a thorough examination of the client’s past, present and future care needs as well as making recommendations for equipment to ensure independence in daily living activities.

I have experience of appearing in Court as an Expert Witness in a compensation claim following a hand injury.